Cool Converse

15 Aug

Let’s converse about some cool stuff I stumbled upon.  Hopefully this helps make your Monday a little less mundane.

The Idea Swap is truly an awesome idea, I would swap one of my ideas for this in a second.  Not only did someone tell me to make a really good coffee (which I had already thought of before), someone also told me to travel back in time and see Star Wars in theaters (something I had not thought of before).

I though I heard screaming when I got that coke from the vending machine,  10 best ad campaigns “Life’s too short for the wrong job”.

You might like this.

Looks like someone got to know the milkman a little too well.

If Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland had a baby it would be called The Garden of Cosmic Speculation, this will now be added to the list of places I must visit before I die.

A cool way to bring the past into the present in one photo, Dear Photography,  or try Trick Photography with Album Covers.

If you’re sitting at work and wishing you were somewhere else, check out Next Level Pictures 8 hours in Brooklyn, or spend a day in California.

Families are a goldmine, especially when parents text or you have a brother who says the things mine does.

Gherkin forgot to erase her internet history, you already had me at peanut butter pie you really didn’t need to add the Candy Land cake… but it didn’t hurt.

Good news fellow introverts, we’re not weirdo’s, we’re programmed this way.  Check out the top 10 myths about us.

I’m guessing he’s got an older brother…or one really mean dad.  Photo Dump.

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